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* This post was sent through newsletter service at 29th. Jan. 2012. mrkwang posts it once again as notification. *


Hi. This is mrkwang from mrkwang store. Nice to see all of you again.

As I sent e-mail before, mrkwang store is moved to another service. Using same service but different version and design. Here are few things to tell you.


1. Your customer account.

I imported almost every customer information from earlier store to this new one.

However some of data could be different, including address - phone number - store credit.

These are basically same, but db table are somewhat different. I had to modify db table.

That's why some information could be different.

If you found some data is different or wrong from earlier one, please contact me to


2. Design.

I admit mrkwang store didn't have good design. Anyway I moved to new store, it has different design template.

I'd try to make it better day by day. However mrkwang is not design professional. So it could take more days or weeks.

If you found some design is confusing or missing, please contact me.


3. I will send only 'music cd' newsletter. No more 'DVD/OST' newsletter from next e-mail.

In the past, mrkwang updated DVD / CD / OSTs. However recently mrkwang doesn't update DVD any more.

So from next newsletter, mrkwang store might have only 1 newsletter for 'Music CD' customers only. (including some OSTs.)

So if you're only subscribed to DVD newsletter, please subscribe to Music CD through this link.


As usual, if you want something in Korea which is not listed in mrkwang store, feel free to contact to .

Thanks. Have a nice day. :)