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More updates not in the main page!

2012/6/7 Music CD newsletter


Lament (USED) Lee Dong June! Megarare!

Lee Dong June! Extremely Rare!!!



Foul King (USED) Uhuhboo! Jang Young Gyu!

Jang Young Gyu'! 'Uhuhboo'! Totally OOP! Cool K-indie weird rock music!

* Metal

Sad Legend 1st. album - Sad Legend (USED)
Sad Legend EP - Searching for the hope in utter darkness (USED)
Awesome Korean black metal! MEGARARE!

Serpent 2nd. album - XGODX

Serpent is Japanese melodic classical death metal band. This is Korean licensed version by Dope.

* Indie Rock

Beautiful Days 1st. album - Boy & Girl
Beautiful Days 2nd. single - Beauti_fool
Beautiful Days 3rd. album - As tomorrow doesn't exist 내일이 없는 것처럼
Beautiful Days 4th. album - 4
Beautiful Days is Korean modern rock band, 3 members including 1 female vocal.

2012/5/8 Music CD newsletter

* HIp Hop

DJ Soulscape 디제이 소울스케이프 The Sound of Seoul / More Sound of Seoul
DJ Soulscape 
reissued these 2 mix albums, to celebrate Record Day at 2012/04/21.

The Quiett & Makesense 더 콰이엇 & 메익센스 single album 246
The Quiett
is Korean hip hop producer & MC, Makesense is another Korean hip hop MC. Their collaboration album.

The Quiett 더 콰이엇 not-numbered album - Stormy Friday
The Quiett
is Korean hip hop producer & MC.

Loptimist 롭티미스트 3rd. album - Lilac 라일락
is recent Korean hip hop producer. This is his own album.

* Folk

OksangDalbit 옥상달빛 mini album - each other 서로
OksangDalbit is Korean female folk duo. This mini album is made as mini LP size (18cm * 18cm), 2000 copies limited.

Hawaii 1st. CD Two tickets please
is another project of Earip who did vocal of Sweater. 2 guitar folk.

* Indie rock

Lowdown 30 로다운 30 1st. album - Jaira
Lowdown 30 로다운 30 EP Another side of Jaira
Lowdown 30 로다운 30 2nd. album - 1
Lowdown 30
is Korean blues based hard rock trio.

Nell 넬 5th. album - Slip away
Nell is Korean famous rock group.

Peppertones 페퍼톤스 4th. Full Length album - Beginners luck
is 2 men's band, with session female vocal & drummer. They call their music as 'New Therapy music for curing Depression', and have Light & Mellow style. New star of Korean indie pop-rock scene.

Busker Busker 1st - self title

Busker Busker is Korean new famous modern rock band from 2012.

Cosmos 2nd. - One and only
Cosmos 3rd. - Hanei Sky
is Korean modern rock band.

JuckJuck Grunge 적적해서 그런지 1st. single - Sound checking 싸운드 체킹

JuckJuck Grunge is recent Korean rock band based on grunge.

* R&B

Uzu believe luv 1st. - Would you believe in Love?
Uzu believe luv is trio, who does piano based soft R&B music.

Each One 1st - Diorama
Each One single - Trackmaker pt. 1
Each One
is doing R&B music.

2012/2/18 Music CD newsletter

* Indie Rock

Pony 1st. - Pony
Pony single - Little Apartment (Will be released at Feb. 22th.)
is Korean 4 man rock group.

Eaeon 1st. album - Guilt-Free / solo album of MOT
Eaeon is member of Mot. It's his own solo work.

Storyseller 1st. full length - XX
was Bloody Cookie. Bloody Cookie changed band name as Storyseller, and released this single. Still good, even band name is changed

CD : Lucid Fall 5th. - Beautiful Days
Lucid Fall
plays folk style quiet indie rock with acoustic music.

CD : Linus' Blanket 1st. full length album - Show me Love
CD : Linus Blanket 1st. EP - Semester
CD : Linus Blanket 2nd. single - Labor in Vain
Linus' Blanket is playing classical pop tune, influenced by 1960's A&M pops & Bossa Nova.

* Metal / Hard Core

CD : Apollo 18 4th. EP - The Black Album
Apollo 18 is rock trio, which does Hard Core / Punk - Psychedelic - Post Rock. Main member is Jellyfish Boy.

CD : 13 Steps EP - Torture
13 Steps 
is Korean Hard Core band.

CD : Ninesin 2nd. - Ninesin
is doing New School Hardcore, metalcore sound.

* Punk

Strikers 2nd. - Screaming Youth
Strikers is new Korean melopunk band, highly praised musicians even if they are newly came out. Could except another Gumx syndrome, or even better.

2011/9/3 Music CD newsletter

Indie Rock :
Black Skirts, The 1st. album - 201 (Special edition)
Black Skirts, The 2nd. album - Don't you worry baby (I'm only swimming)
- Black Skirts, The is Korean power pop group.

No Reply single - The day to confess
No Reply 1st. album - Road
No Reply 2nd. album - Dream
No Reply mini album - Comma
- No Reply is Korean duo, and their music could be called as Well-made pop, following 1990's way.
Party Street single - Geu Dae Ahn Eh Seo He Eom Chin Da (Swimming inside you)
- Party Street is Korean acoustic band.
Bulnabangstarsausageclub 1st. -
Bulnabangstarsausageclub ep - doubtful ending
- Bulnabangstarsausageclub

Folk :
Mystery Curtain 1st. album - Untold words not yet
- Mystery Curtain is Korean 1 woman musician with folk, who did almost everything incl. producing to make this album.
Vending Machine Coffee Shop 1st. album - Insert Coin
- Vending Machine Coffee Shop is playing melodic folk rock.
OksangDalbit EP - Oktabradio
OksangDalbit 1st. album - 28
- OksangDalbit is Korean female folk duo

Electronic :
Aquibird 1st. album - Self Title (English)
Aquibird special English album - Whose dream
Aquibird 2nd - Ohsoso
- Aquibird
is playing electronic party music - soft pop in Korea, European style

Punk :
Rux EP - 5000 years of Hallucinations aka Bad Gang
- Rux is the Korean Punk Band, which is main band of Skunk label. They are playing straight punk sound, with some melody & power. Very Highly Recommendable for K-punk fans.

Hip Hop :
Sool J & Matroos EP - Transformation
Rapper Sool J & newbi Matroos joined.